Travelling with Baby and Trying to Stay on Track: Recap

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the quiet week! We got so much content up our first week that you all probably wondered where we went! Well, our little family went to California! With 4 month old Oriana – her first flight. I was attending the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine conference and we did a little add-on vacation to Sonoma.

This post is a recap on how our week went, sharing a few of our adventures, and most importantly, how I attempted to stay on track during our trip (what worked and what didn’t). Coach Steph did a post last week on staying healthy while travelling and so I aimed to use a lot of her tips.

Oriana dressed for conference success!

I used the hotel gym twice and we brought our MostFit suspension system (like a portable TRX) which goes over the hotel room door to allow you to do a full body resistance workout in your room. I highly recommend these! Ours is quite worldly! It has been to Europe and the US many times! We also used what nature gave us and climbed the steep, but unfortunately smoky, hills of San Francisco.

Our hotel was at the top of Nobb Hill. San Francisco was being very much affected by the California forest fires during our visit so the air quality was quite poor.

I usually do am workouts but that didn’t necessarily work well with baby/time change/early am conference schedules so I just stayed adaptable and got it done when I could. On Saturday, I was “conferenced out” so I took the morning off and did a nice long treadmill and weights workout before we left for the vacation part of our trip in Sonoma (wine country).

Oriana ready for a day of wine tasting (I had to share this cute photo!)

As far as diet goes, I made sure to eat breakfast in my room to control caloric intake (we bought groceries and had oatmeal, yogurt and cold meat/hard boiled eggs). At the conference buffet, I skipped the bread/desert and loaded my plate with veggies and protein (with just a little couscous). I chose supper as my one meal a day to “splurge a little on” with either a dessert or an alcoholic drink. We also brought healthy snacks for the plane and car (beef jerky, veggies and fruit, trail mix).

Travelling with baby! I learned quite a few things! Airports are actually quite nice when you travel with babies. People will go out of their way to help you. Sometimes there is a family security lane which will have fewer people so it won’t hold you up as much when travelling with milk/formula/baby food. Pack light! This definitely worked in our favour! I brought fewer clothes than I would usually pack and figured we would just get things laundered if we got desperate. We bought diapers and wipes locally so we didn’t have to lug them, just travelling with enough for the way there. A baby carrier is a must! I wore Oriana in a woven wrap or half buckle (side note: Oscha cairis are my FAVOURITE) almost the entire conference! It helped me stay off my phone and focused! And she was happy just to look around while we were out and about. She napped in her carrier most of the flight home and won the quietest baby on the plane award! For more great travel with baby tips, check out my friend Courtney’s blog.

O carefully studying a glass of sparkling rose in our Woven Wings Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Big wins!

  • My weight was the exact same upon my return home (my primary goal was no gaining while on vacation!)
  • I got an average of 30 min/day of active time (as per my fitbit) in with a combination of light workouts and walking in hilly SF
  • I stuck to breakfast in the hotel room where I could control my portions and ensure I was getting some protein in
  • I chose one meal per day to “indulge a little” which meant that I would either have an alcoholic drink or some dessert
  • I did some awesome networking at the conference and learned a ton about breastfeeding medicine which I look forward to sharing in my practice and some general tips with you guys here!
  • We successfully traveled with our baby! It turned out she was an excellent travelling companion and we look forward to doing it again!

I hope you guys had a wonderful week!

Warm regards,



2 thoughts on “Travelling with Baby and Trying to Stay on Track: Recap

  1. Bravo! You’re inspiring and I’m so glad Darren helped with the tech so I could read this blog…and Steph’s posts. I’m so glad you two are doing this together:)


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